Chicago Rotoprint Company, Employer And Chicago Mailers Union Local No. 2, International Typographical Union, A. F. L., Petitioner, 620 (1947)

Party Name:623
Docket Number:13-R-3730

In the Matter of CHICAGO ROTOPRINT COMPANY, EMPLOYER and CHICAGO MAILERS UNION LOCAL No. 2, INTERNATIONAL TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION, A. F. L., PETITIONER Case No. 13-R-3730.-Decided February 14, 1947 Messrs. Herman M. Finch, Edward F. Muhl, and G. A. Preucil, of Chicago, Ill., for the Employer.

Messrs. Louis Bannerman and N. M. Di Pietro, of Chicago, Ill., for the Petitioner.

Messrs. Lester Asher, John J. Heelan, and Louis F. Coty, of Chicago,

Ill., for the Intervenor.

Mr. Martin Sacks, of counsel to the Board.

DECISION AND ORDER Upon a petition duly filed, hearing in this case was held at Chicago,

Illinois, on September 12, 1946, before Joseph Hektoen, hearing officer. The hearing officer's rulings made at the hearing are free from prejudicial error and are hereby affirmed. Intervenor's request for oral argument before the Board is hereby denied, inasmuch as we are of the opinion that the record adequately presents the issues and positions of the parties.

Upon the entire record in the case, the National Labor Relations Board makes the following:

FINDINGS OF FACT I. THE BUSINESS OF THE EMPLOYER Chicago Rotoprint Company, an Illinois corporation, is engaged in the printing business in Chicago, Illinois. The Employer annually purchases raw materials valued in excess of $100,000, 80 percent of which represents purchases from outside the State. The Employer annually receives for its printed products in excess of $100,000, approximately 5 percent of which represents payment for printed matter shipped to points outside the State of Illinois.

The Employer admits and we find that it is engaged in commerce within the meaning of the National Labor Relations Act.

620 621 II. THE ORGANIZATIONS INVOLVED The Petitioner is a labor organization affiliated with the American Federation of Labor, claiming to represent employees of the Employer.

Chicago Paper Handlers' Union, Local No. 2, of the International Printing Pressmen and Assistants' Union of North America, herein called the Intervenor, is a labor organization affiliated with the American Federation of Labor, claiming to represent employees of the Employer.

III. THE ALLEGED APPROPRIATE UNIT The Petitioner seeks a unit consisting of 7 of the 30 employees in the shipping and receiving department of the Employer's printing plant. These 7 employees, asserted by the Petitioner to be engaged in 'mailers work,' are the 3 electric truckmen engaged in the moving of printed material from the presses to the shipping room and loading platform,...

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