Eleocro Metallurgical Company And Brotherhood Of Locomotive Firemen And Enginemen, 15 (1944)

Docket Number:8-R-1264 and 8-R-1277
Party Name:20

In the Matter of ELEOCRO METALLURGICAL COMPANY and BROTHERHOOD OF LOCOMOTIVE FIREMEN AND ENGINEMEN In the Matter of ELECTRO METTALLURGICAL COMPANY and UNITED STVELWORKERS OF AMERICA, CIO Cases Nos. 8-R-1264 and 8-R-1277, respectively.-Decided December 22,1943 Mr. William C. Treanor, of New York City, and Mr. Harold Reagan, of Ashtabula, Ohio, for the Company.

Mr. A. D. Penfold, of Cleveland, Ohio, for the Brotherhood.

Mr. James B. Griffin, of Youngstown, Ohio, for USA.

Messrs. R. J. Jamieson and Anthony J. Lang, of Cleveland, Ohio, for the AFL.

Mrs. Robert Silagi, of counsel to the Board.

DECISION DIRECTION OF ELECTION AND ORDER STATEMENT OF THE CASE Upon petitions duly filed by Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, herein called the Brotherhood, and by United Steelworkers of America, CIO, herein called the USA, each alleging that a question affecting commerce had arisen concerning the representation of employees of Electro Metallurgical Company, Ashtabula, Ohio, herein called the Company, the National Relations Board consolidated the cases and provided for an appropriate hearing upon due notice before William O. Murdock, Trial Examiner. Said hearing was held at Ashtabula, Ohio, on November 3, 1943. The Company, the Brotherhood, USA, and American Federation of Labor, herein called the AFL, appeared and participated. All parties were afforded full opportunity to be heard, to examine and cross-examine 1 Prior to the hearing an interest in this proceeding was manifested by the International Union of Operating Engineers, A. F. of L. At the hearing, however, the American Federation of Labor moved to intervene, specifically withdrawing all craft union interests previously shown by any of its affiliates.

witnesses, and to introduce evidence bearing on the issues. The Trial Examiner's rulings made at the hearing are free from prejudicial error and are hereby affirmed. All parties were afforded opportunity to file briefs with the Board.

Upon the entire record in the case, the Board makes the following:

FINDINGS OF FACT I. TIE BUSINESS OF THE COMPANY Electro Metallurgical Company is a West Virginia corporation which owns and operates a number of plants throughout the country.

This proceeding is concerned solely with the plant located in Ashtabula, Ohio, owned by the Defense Plant Corporation but operated by the Company. This plant commenced operations in June 1943 and manufactures ferro alloys and calcium carbide. The raw materials used in the Ashtabula plant are quartzite chrome ore, limestone, lime, coal, coke, and scrap steel. The material to be used per year exceeds $1,000,000 in value, about half of which will be received from points outside the State of Ohio. The total value of the production for one year will exceed $1,000,000. More than half of the products will be shipped from Ashtabula to points outside the State of Ohio. The Company's entire production is destined for use in the war.

We find that the Company is engaged in commerce within the meaning of the National Labor Relations Act.

  1. THE ORGANIZATIONS INVOLVED Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, and American Federation of Labor, are labor organizations admitting to membership employees of the Company.

    United Steelworkers of America...

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