IBEW, Local 6, 573 (1981)

Docket Number:20-CE-00178


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers,

Local 6, AFL-CIO and Chronicle Broadcasting Company, KRON-TV and The San Franscisco Electrical Contractors' Association, Inc., Party to the Contract. Case 20-CE-178


Upon a charge filed by Chronicle Broadcasting,

KRON-TV (KRON or Charging Party) on February 25, 1980, and duly served on Respondent International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 6, AFL-CIO,' the General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, acting through the Regional Director for Region 20, on March 12, 1980, issued and served on Respondent a complaint and notice of hearing, alleging that Respondent had violated Section 8(e) of the Act. The Respondent filed an answer, and, on June 3, 4, and 5, 1980, Respondent, KRON, S.F.E.C.A., and the General Counsel filed with the Board a motion to transfer the proceedingsto the Board and a stipulation of facts. The parties stipulated to the contents of the record, and agreed that no oral testimony was necessary or desired.

They further stipulated that they waived a hearing before an administrative law judge, the makings of findings of fact and conclusions of law by an administrative law judge, and the issuance of an administrative law judge's decision, and desire to submit this case for findings of fact, conclusions of law, and an order directly to the Board. By order dated July 28, 1980, the Board granted the motion, approved the stipulation of facts, and transferred the proceedings to the Board. Thereafter, briefs were filed by the General Counsel, the Charging Party, Respondent, and S.F.E.C.A.

The Board has considered the entire record stipulated to by the parties and the briefs filed by the parties, and hereby makes the following findings and conclusions.

  1. THE BUSINESS OF THE EMPLOYERS S.F.E.C.A., a corporation, represents its employer members (who are engaged in the electrical contracting business in the building and construction industry) in labor relations matters, including negotiating, entering into, and administering a collective-bargaining contract with Respondent.

    'The Charging Party filed its original charge on February 25, 1980, and an amended charge on February 27, 1980. Both charges were against Respondent, The San Francisco Electrical Contractors' Association. Inc.

    (S.F.E.C.A), and Weber Electric Company (Weber Electric). The underlying complaint only issued against Respondent because S.F.E.C.A. and Weber Electric entered into a settlement agreement with KRON which was approved by the Regional Director for Region 20 on April 9. 1980.

    257 NLRB No. 82

    Weber Electric has been an employer member of S.F.E.C.A., and a corporation, with an office and place of business in San Francisco, California...

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