A. D. Jitilliard & Co., Inc., Atlantic Mills Division And United Textile Workers Of America (a. F. L.), 1273 (1943)

Docket Number:R-5684
Party Name:1276

In the Matter of A. D. JITILLIARD & CO., INC., ATLANTIC MILLS DIvIsIoN and UNITED TEXTILE WORKERS OF AMERICA (A. F. L.) Case No. R-5684.-Decided August 13, 1943 Edwards & Angell, by Mr. Kirk Smith, of Providence, R. I., for the Company.

Mr. Frank Sgamnbata, of Providence, R. I., for the A. F. L.

Messrs. Albert C. Clifton and Victor Canzano, and Miss Elizabeth No.d, of Providence, R. I., for the C. I. 0.

Miss Frances Lopinsky, of counsel to the Board.

DECISION AND DIRECTION OF ELECTION STATEMENT OF THE CASE Upon a petition duly filed by United Textile Workers of America (A. F. L.), herein called the A. F. L., alleging that a question affecting commerce had arisen concerning the representation of employees of A. D. Juilliard & Co., Atlantic Mills Division, Providence, Rhode Island, herein called the Company, the National Labor Relations Board provided for an appropriate hearing upon due notice before Samuel G. Zack, Trial Examiner. Said hearing was held at Providence. Rhode Island, on July 9, 1943. The Company, the A. F. L., and Textile Workers Union of America (C. I. 0.), herein called the C. I. 0., appeared, participated, and were afforded full opportunity to be heard, to examine and cross-examine witnesses, and to introduce evidence bearing on the issues. The Trial Examiner's rulings made at the hearing are free from prejudicial error and are hereby affirmed.- All parties were afforded opportunity to file briefs with the Board.

I At the hearing the A. F. L. offered the Trial Examiner 315 dues cards for the purpose of supplementing the cards submitted to the Regional Director. The Trial Examiner refused to accept these cards on the ground they were unnecessary to indicate a substantial showing of representation.

1273 Upon the entire record in the case, the Board makes the following:

FINDINGS OF FACT I. THE BUSINESS OF THE COMPANY A. D. Juilliard & Co., Inc., is a corporation engaged in the business of manufacturing woolen and worsted cloth in connection with the war effort. Wool is its principal raw material. In 1942 at its Atlantic Mills Division in Providence, Rhode Island, the Company used wool of a value in excess of $1,000,000, all of which came from points outside the State of Rhode Island. In 1942 the value of its finished product was in excess of $3,000,000, 95 percent of which was shipped outside the State of Rhode Island.

The Company admits that it is engaged in commerce within the meaning of the National Labor Relations Act.

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