Motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, Ohio, 318 (1977)

Docket Number:09-RC-11302


Motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati,

Ohio and Ice, Storage, Scrap Metal and Grain Warehousemen, Local No. 105, affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America.

Case 9-RC-11302

September 23, 1977 DECISION AND ORDER


JENKINS, PENELLO, AND MURPHY Upon a petition duly filed under Section 9(c) of the National Labor Relations Act, as amended, a hearing was held before Hearing Officer James A.

Murphy. Following the hearing and pursuant to Section 102.67 of the National Labor Relations Board Rules and Regulations and Statements of Procedure, Series 8, as amended, by direction of the Regional Director for Region 9, this case was transferred to the Board for decision. Thereafter, the Employer filed a brief which has been duly considered.

The Board has reviewed the Hearing Officer's rulings made at the hearing and finds that they are free from prejudicial error. They are hereby affirmed.

Upon the entire record in this case, the Board finds:

The Order is a nonprofit religious organization, the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, Ohio. Petitioner seeks to represent a unit of 73 lay employees at the Order's Mt. St. Joseph, Ohio, complex known as the Motherhouse.

Motherhouse Operations The Motherhouse is a partially cloistered convent and is the permanent and legal residence of the Order. The Motherhouse is located on 300 acres of land and is composed of several adjacent buildings including a main residence building, a second large resident building, a small residence, and several service buildings. The service buildings include a kitchen, laundry, and power plant. Motherhouse buildings also include Mother Margaret Hall. This building has been leased by the Sisters for $50,000 per year to the Good Samaritan Hospital of Cincinnati,' a private nonprofit hospital which operates the building as a nursing home. Approximately 129 Sisters reside at the Motherhouse. An I The Hospital is located 12 miles from the Motherhouse complex. The Order owns the Hospital's buildings and property. However, the Hospital is in the process of purchasing the land and buildings pursuant to a leasemortgage arrangement entered into with the Order. The Order receives $500,000 annually from the Hospital pursuant to this agreement. Approximately 30 percent of this amount is annually allocated to principal.

232 NLRB No. 44 additional 95 Sisters are patients in the nursing home located in Mother Margaret Hall.

The 73 lay employees which Petitioner seeks to represent are employed as follows: 32 part or fulltime kitchen employees; 3 drivers; I garage serviceman; 19 housekeepers (maids and janitors); 3 laundry employees; 6 maintenancemen; 3 groundskeepers; and 6 power plant employees.

  1. Services to Mother Margaret Hall As noted above, Mother Margaret Hall is operated as a nursing home. In addition to the 95 Sisters of Charity who are patients there, the home cares for 25 close relatives of Sisters. The Hospital employs all health care personnel at the nursing home. In addition, the Hospital bills the Order for the care provided infirm Sisters and the relatives of Sisters who are unable to make any financial contribution.2

    Pursuant to an agreement with the Hospital, the Motherhouse provides complete laundry and food service for patients...

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