Norris-Thermador Corp., 1341 (1957)

Docket Number:21-RC-04497

NORRIS-THERMADOR CORPORATION. 1341 status of employees, and any direction that. he would give would be routine. We find that Graham is not a supervisor and include him in the unit.

We find the following unit to be appropriate for the purposes of collective bargaining within the meaning of Section 9 (b) of the Act:

All production and maintenance employees at the Employer's Indianapolis, Indiana, plant including the production clerk, the janitor, the clerical employee in the receiving department, and the setup men,, but excluding the leadmen, office clerical employees, time-study employees, production control employees, tool designer, professional employees, guards, and supervisors as defined in the Act.

[Text of Direction of Election omitted from publication.] 3 In accordance with our decision above , we direct that the setup men on the night shift be permitted to vote subject to challenge in the election directed herein.

Norris-Thermador Corporation and International Union, United Automobile, Aircraft and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW-AFL-CIO), Petitioner. Case No. 21-RC-4497.


Pursuant to a Decision, Order, and Direction of Second Election 1 issued by the Board on April 24, 1957, an election by secret ballot was conducted on May 9, 1957, under the direction and supervision of the Regional Director for the Twenty-first Region, among employees in the unit heretofore found appropriate by the Board. Upon the conclusion of the balloting, the parties were furnished a tally of ballots which shows that there were approximately 859 eligible voters, that 418 ballots were cast for Petitioner, that 415 ballots were cast against Petitioner, that 4 ballots were challenged, and that 3 void ballots were cast.

Thereafter the Employer filed timely objections to the election.

As the challenged ballots were sufficient in number to affect the results of the election, the Regional Director caused an investigation of both the objections and the challenges to be conducted and on July 5, 1957, issued a report on challenged ballots and objections in which he found that the objections are without merit and recom= mended that they be overruled. The Regional Director also found that all of the challenges are without merit and recommended that they also be overruled and the ballots be opened and counted. Thereafter, the Petitioner filed exceptions to the Regional Director's find1117 NLRB 1340.


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