Ralston-purina Company And International Longshoremen's Association, A. F. Of L., 74 (1944)

Docket Number:14-R-966
Party Name:77


Case No. 14-R-966.-Decided July 5, 1944 Messrs. Cottrell Fox and George Noxon, of St. Louis, Mo., for the Company.

Mr. Larry Long, of St. Louis, Mo., for the Union.

Mr. Louis Cokin, of counsel to the Board.

DECISION AND DIRECTION OF ELECTION STATEMENT OF THE CASE Upon petition duly filed by International Longshoremen's Association, A. F. of L., herein called the Union, alleging that a question affecting commerce had arisen concerning the representation of employees of Ralston-Purina Company, St. Louis, Missouri, herein called the Company, the National Labor Relations Board provided for an appropriate hearing upon due notice before Harry G. Carlson. Trial Examiner. Said hearing was held at St. Louis, Missouri, on June 8, 1944.

The Company and the Union appeared, participated, and were afforded full opportunity to be heard, to examine and cross-examine witnesses, and to introduce evidence bearing on the issues. The Trial Examiner's rulings made at the hearing are free from prejudical error and are hereby affirmed. All parties were afforded opportunity to file briefs with the Board.

Upon the entire record in the case, the Board makes the following:

FINDINGS OF FACT I. THE BUSINESS OF THE COMPANY Ralston-Purina Company is a Missouri corporation operating plants in several States. We are here concerned with its grain elevator at St. Louis, Missouri, known as Elevator 'A'. During 1943 the Company received about 3,000,000 bushels of grain at Elevator 'A', over 30 percent of which was shipped to it from points outside the State of Missouri. During the same period, approximately 50 percent of all 74 shipments from Elevator 'A' was made to points outside the State of Missouri.

The Company admits that it is engaged in commerce within the meaning of the National Labor Relations Act.

I1. I-HE ORGANIZATION INVOLVED International Longshoremen's Association is a labor organization affiliated with the American Federation of Labor, adnmitting to membership employees of the Company.

  1. TIIE QUESTION CONCERNING REPRESENTATION The Company refuses to recognize the Union as exclusive collective bargaining representative of the watchmen-firemen at Elevator 'A'.

    A statement of a Field Examiner of the Board, introduced into evidence at the hearing, indicates that the Union represents a substantial number of employees in the unit hereinafter found to be appropriate.' We...

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