A. O. Smith Corp. of Texas, 5 (1962)

Docket Number:39-RC-00894

A. 0. SMITH CORPORATION OF TEXAS 5 Smelter Workers for a unit of production employees, which the Board, in these circumstances, finds to be appropriate for purposes of collective bargaining. On the other hand, if a majority in the maintenance voting group do not select the IAM, the ballots of the employees in the maintenance group will be pooled with those of the employees in the production group.' If Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers achieves a majority of the votes in the pooled group,' the Regional Director is instructed to issue a certification of representatives to that labor organization for a unit of production and maintenance employees, which the Board, in such circumstances, finds, to be an appropriate unit for the purposes of collective bargaining.[Text of Direction of Elections omitted from publication.] 8 If the ballots are pooled , they are to be tallied in the following manner: Votes for the IAM shall be counted as valid votes , but neither for nor against Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers ; all other votes are to be accorded their face value, whether for Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers or for no union.Y At the hearing Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers requested that its name not appear on the ballot of any election directed in a unit sought by the IAM. In view of the Board's decision to pool the ballots under the circumstances described above, we shall accord Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers ' a place on the ballot in the election directed in the maintenance voting group.A. O. Smith Corporation of Texas and District 37, International Association of Machinists, AFL-CIO, Petitioner and United Steelworkers of America, AFL-CIO. Case. No. 39-RC-894.January 4,1956 SUPPLEMENTAL DECISION AND CERTIFICATIONOF RESULTS OF ELECTIONPursuant to the Board's Decision and Direction of Election dated September 12, 1955,1 an election was conducted herein on October 11, 1955, under the direction and supervision of the Regional Director for the Sixteenth Region. The election was conducted by secret ballot among a voting group of machine shop employees. Upon the conclusion of the balloting, a tally of ballots was issued and served upon the parties in accordance with the Board's Rules and Regulations.The tally of ballots shows that there were approximately 14 eligible voters in the voting group; 7 ballots were cast for the Petitioner; 7 ballots were cast for the Intervenor; and the ballots of 9 persons were challenged.Thereafter the Regional Director investigated the issues raised by...

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