Solvay Process Co. And Tm. G. B. Thompson And District 50, United Mine Workers Or America, 328 (1940)

Docket Number:1-1864 CERTIFICATION OF REPRESENTATIVES September 19
Party Name:329

In the Matter of SOLVAY PROCESS CO. AND TM. G. B. THOMPSON and DISTRICT 50, UNITED MINE WORKERS or AMERICA Case No. 1-1864 CERTIFICATION OF REPRESENTATIVES September 19, 1940 On August 15, 1940, the National Labor Relations Board, herein called the Board, issued its Decision and Direction of Election in the above-entitled proceedings.' Pursuant to the Direction of Election, an election by secret ballot was conducted on August 30, 1940, under the direction and supervision of the Regional Director for the Fifth Region (Baltimore, Maryland). On September 5, 1940, the Regional Director, acting pursuant to Article III, Section 9, of National Labor Relations Board Rules and Regulations-Series 2, as amended, issued and duly served upon the parties an Election Report. No objections to the conduct of the ballot or the Election Report have been filed by any of the parties.

As to the balloting and its results, the Regional Director reported as follows:

Total number of eligible voters_ _________---------------------------- 714 Total number of ballots cast___---------____--------------------- 433 Total number of votes for:

District 50, United Mine Workers of America___ __--------------- 421 Total number of votes against:

District 50, United Mine Workers of America_---------------- 2 Total number of blank ballots_-------------------____------------ 1 Total number of void ballots__ ___--------------------------------- 1 Total number of challenged votes--_____________-------------------------- 10 The Regional Director...

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