The West Side Lumber Co., 81 (1963)

Docket Number:09-RM-00259


On May 23, 1961, in Cases Nos. 9-RM-259, 9-RM-262, 9-RM-263, and 9-RM-265, the Teamsters was certified as the collectivebargaining representative for a multiemployer unit of all truckHerein called Teamsters.

a Herein called Carpenters.

144 NLRB No. 14.

drivers, yardmen, and laborers, and in Cases Nos. 9-RM-260, 9-RM-261, and 9-RM-264, the Carpenters was certified as the collective-bargaining representative for a multiemployer unit of all carpenters and millmen.

Thereafter, on March 25, 1963, the Peter Kuntz Lumber Company, one of the participating companies, and herein called the Employer, filed a motion for clarification of the said bargaining units with respect to its operations, alleging that a dispute exists between Teamsters and Carpenters as to the proper unit inclusion of the following job classifications: truss assembler, saw man-prefabrication department, layout man. It requested that the Board determine the appropriate unit placement of each of the said classifications. On April 19, 1963, the Carpenters filed its statement of position on the motion and by telegram dated April 19, 1963, the Teamsters requested a hearing on the issues. On May 17, 1963, the Board referred the matter to the regional Director for the Ninth Region for the purpose of taking testimony on the issues raised by the Employer's motion.

Thereafter, a hearing was held on June 5, 1963, before Alan D. Greene, hearing officer. All parties appeared and participated. The hearing officer's rulings made at the hearing are free from prejudicial error and are hereby affirmed.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 3 (b) of the National Labor Relations Act, the Board has delegated its powers in connection with this proceeding to a three-member panel [Members Leedom, Fanning, and Brown].

Upon the entire record, the Board finds :

The Employer is engaged in the buying, warehousing, and sale of lumber, the cutting and finishing of lumber according to architects' specifications, and the manufacture of prefabricated trusses and wall panels. Its operations are divided into four departments. The mill department is located in a separate building 100 feet from the Employer's other facilities. In this department, the journeymen carpenters are in the Carpenters unit and are engaged in the skilled work of cutting and finishing lumber under the supervision of the mill superintendent. The yard department and the delivery department are both...

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